Air Arabia Careers -Head of Flight Operations (Morocco)


10.Partners with Safety team to promote safety culture in the Flight Operations departments and to improve the emergency procedures and Safety Management System; ensures all hazards are reported and risk assessments are properly carried.

11. Liaises with regulatory bodies and authorities, mainly CAA, Suppliers, and Vendors to achieve Company’s global objectives; negotiates contracts, SLAs, and development needs, as per business plans, and protects Company’s interests at all times.

12. Leads and reviews the performance and progress of the Flight Operations Managers and Teams in line with approved quality standards. Sets KPIs, performance measures, and budget targets in line with legislations and wished-for objectives, and measures performance accordingly.

13. Partners with the Crew- Training Manager to decide on the training needs and requirements for the Flight Crew and to ensure that an effective process is put in place to cater for those needs with focus on improving Pilots’ standards of performance through proper and continued training.

14. Spends time coaching and guiding his/her team, identifies opportunities and plans for their development and approves those of their teams. Ensures necessary technical training is included in the training syllabus and provided to the respective teams; this covers licenses and mandatory trainings.

15. Leads functional weekly meetings to provide team with visibility of the future workload requirements for dispatch, rostering, and training scheduling; ensures regular coordination with Stakeholders in order to execute the agreed plans efficiently.

16. Analyzes and evaluates the management reports received from own team to control costs, enhance revenue, highlight variances and identify gaps in performance. Also, provides the management with a variety of reports to highlight performance, disruptions, safety and security incidents/accidents, AOGs, delays, trainings, challenges, gaps, audit findings, etc.; recommends remedial solutions and implements in the workplace once approved.

17. Conducts field visits and assessments to evaluate the overall performance of hubs/stations with focus on legality, safety, efficiency and fairness. Operates flights as per schedule and business requirements

18. Advises the Accountable Manager on Matters related to the Flight Operations and represents Air Arabia’s interest at national and international events, conventions, conferences and meetings whenever required


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