Air Arabia Careers -Network Planning Controller


1. Acts as the main contact for IATA and Airport Authorities relating to coordination of slots, Civil Aviation regulations, IATA calendar, IATA policies and procedures as well as conferences.

2. Communicates with Airports Authorities and Civil Aviation to obtain traffic rights and approvals on slots for Air Arabia.  Negotiates changes and schedules with airports based on business need, commercial requirements and availability.

3. Designs/ modifies short-term flight schedules based on available and future delivery of aircrafts; loads schedules for sales on both planning and reservation systems ensuring optimum aircraft utilization (minimum average 14 block hours) per aircraft per day. 

4. Checks and verifies schedules to identify any inconsistency, mistakes or discrepancies in schedules prior to validation.  Refers to input from different sources such as Operations, Country Mangers, Cabin Services, Revenue Management, etc.

5. Obtains timely approvals from Airports and Civil Aviation Authorities on all scheduled and extra flights as per adopted procedures.  Manages schedule changes resulting from different causes such as operational requirements, commercial reasons, airport slots approvals, or weather conditions, etc.

6. Partners with Revenue Management on any cancellations, combining or addition of flights to ensure optimum utilization and profit; executes re-scheduling of flights and connecting flights, loads to system and communicates accordingly. 

7. Handles all communication related to scheduling and changes in certain emergencies or last minute updates. Co-ordinates and assists dispatch to manage flight schedule disruptions caused due to AOG or other unforeseen circumstances.


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