Qatar Airways Careers -Ground Safety Manager


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About your role:

You will reduce operational risks and sustain a culture that maintains the highest levels of safety, compliance, and integrity. You will assure that a system of reporting, recording and investigating of all the occurrences is in place to identify the causes of the incidents and to find ways to diminish the consequences of these incidents when they occur.


Acts as a main investigator of airside accidents, incidents and safety deficiencies.

Responsible for conducting investigation upon each hazard or occurrence to the point where all associated risks are identified.

Assure that necessary guidance is provided to the safety officers in responding to reported airside incidents and deviations from standard procedures and ascertain that the airfield safety operations are appropriately carried out.

Conduct the analysis of all the information gathered regarding a specific incident in order to determine the appropriate conclusions based on the facts, including the determination of causes. Conduct interviews in order to clarify the context for unsafe acts and conditions. Formulate the safety recommendations, which are designed to prevent future occurrences.

Conducts a regular inspection of airside facilities to identify any discrepancies and make the appropriate recommendations.


About you:

You will hold a Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent with Minimum 6 years of job-related experience.

You must have attended Aerodrome Safety Management courses and other ICAO/ACI/IATA safety training courses. You must have attended safety courses focused on occurrence reporting and investigation. You will hold certification and proficiency in aeronautical radio communication. You should be familiar with ICAO standards and recommended practices (SARPS) on airport operations and safety CM regulations.

You must have comprehensive knowledge of airport operations and safety regulations and procedures. You should also be knowledgeable in airline ramp operations, policies and procedures, and cargo restricted articles.

View and Apply on Company Site 


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