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Technical support and execution of change requests

To support the in country local support staff by:

  • Be the focal point for all technical and system related topics. Provide the overall system view
  • Be the main contact to the Customer´s NSS maintenance team from a Level 3 system perspective
  • Be the main interface with the Airbus NSS Central Support team in Europe
  • Lead the troubleshooting and resolution of system level incidents and problems
  • Support the troubleshooting and resolution of subsystem level incidents and problems
  • Lead the partial and full system restart events, ensuring full system availability after the restarts. Organize the subsystem teams during the restart and possible on the spot investigations.
  • Work in accordance with the established ITIL incident and problem management processes, through adherence of these processes implemented in JIRA
  • Ensuring that configuration and other system changes are undertaken through formal Change Management procedures
  • Ensure the adherence to the  Airbus Engineering processes
  • Technically lead CCB´s and incident/problem review boards
  • Ensure system knowledge, such as root cause analysis, new solutions to problems, and implementation results are documented and knowledge base is updated
  • From a technical and system engineering perspective lead the execution of Change Requests, while maintaining the overall system stability and integrity, including
    • Deployment of the Joint Operational Centre and it´s re-integration into the NSS system and establishing it as the main joint site.
    • implementation of a manual switch capability between JOC and AJOC
    • manual archiving of operational recordings
    • Configuring/Testing of two additional sensor sites
    • updating the firewall rules
    • other approved changes (see below)
  • Be an example of living the Airbus values
  • Promote safety and product regulatory compliance
  • Review and Produce Technical documentation

Leading the Airbus response to change requests

To support the customer and Airbus sales by:

  • Assessing and leading the response to customer change request
  • Sense potential business opportunities in interactions with the customer
  • Support the creation of an offer for the extension of the NSS ISS contract, for after 2022
  • Lead the creation of priced proposals in response to customer change requests, including
    • Acquire understanding of operational concepts and agreement of system requirements with the customer
    • Design of the solution and impact assessment
    • Risk assessment
    • Cost baseline, engineering commitments and support the sales organisation with the overall proposal

Change proposals could be related to equipment and/or COTS software replacement due to obsolescence, system extensions (new working positions, additional OC, interfaces to other systems, new sensors, and an overall technology refresh/update of the NSS system).

  • Interact with third party suppliers and help in creating statement of work, defining interfaces and requirements, creating proof-of-concept, conduct FAT etc.

Required knowledge, experience, skills

The following knowledge, experience and skills are required:

  • Good interpersonal communication skills, ability to work in a team as a team
  • Desire to learn about the NSS system
  • Willingness to take responsibility for commitments
  • Willingness to transfer knowledge to less or differently skilled team members in a non-judgemental manner
  • Experience and skill to delegate tasks to others and providing support and follow up when needed
  • Ability to function as technical thought leadership in conjunction with business unit,  keeping Airbus long term business interest as the goal
  • Ability to interact with the customer personnel based on integrity
  • Good problem solving abilities and experience
  • Highly experienced in working for large scale military System of Systems
  • Experienced in leading System Integration, Verification and Validation on large scale, System-of-Systems project
  • Experience with Change Management processes
  • Education in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Communications
  • Highly experienced in working at a large scale C4ISR( Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) System.
  • Experience with Tracking and Surveillance Technologies (TERMA, BORA, AIS, VHF, DF, FLIR…)
  • Experience in working with Supervision system.
  • Experience in system engineering and design of large scale distributed systems
  • Knowledge of IT infrastructure and applications:
    • Active Directory
    • NTP
    • Linux and Windows operating systems
    • Databases. Experience with Oracle is a plus
    • Understanding of network
  • Experience with hands-on system integration
  • Ability to actively troubleshoot complex system incidents/ system-of-systems incidents

In addition to the above, the following knowledge, experience and skills are required:

  • Experience with leading and writing Change proposals, solution design, impact assessment
  • Experienced in requirements engineering
  • Experience with and ability to plan, schedule, assign resources and make cost estimations
  • Familiar with the Airbus Engineering organisation and processes
  • Experience with Risk management
  • Good knowledge of the overall BMS processes and in particular DEVELOP
  • Experience with writing effective customer letters
  • Familiar with Product Regulatory Compliance

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